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Monday, December 30, 2013

Emily & Brian = Engaged

  It was a beautiful December night, and Brian had picked Emily up to go look at Christmas lights at Largo Central Park.  The lights were glistening in the moonlight.  As they walked along the path Emily shared with Brian how much she loved that a friend she went to high school with, Bri, just got engaged and it was caught on camera (Ahem, she's talking about me and my sis!! :)  Little did she know as she rounded the corner a beautiful display of lights was set up just for her spelling..."Will You Marry Me?" and of course I was there to catch it all!! 

  Emily saw the lights and smiled so BIG!! :)  My heart was pounding because it was so dark I didn't want to miss any moments!! :)  I'm sure hers was pounding even more!! She said YES of course and that beautiful shiny ring lit up the sky!! :)  Here's a few of the happy couple on that gorgeous night!!!

  Thank you so much for letting me witness such a special moment!! I am so happy for you two!!  To see bigger photos head on over to their Facebook gallery!! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Samantha + Beto = I Just Can't Take It!

I got the chance to hang out with Samantha and Beto recently and let me tell you they are one of the sweetest couples I know!  I met them at a wedding a shot last year and she messaged me to see if I could take some couples portaits for them...I of course, was delighted..BUT guess what!!!??  While I was shooting I found out that Beto suggested to Samantha we do a shoot!  Now how sweet is that?!!! Melt. My. Heart.  (HINT HINT for all you guys out there...AHEM...GREAT Christmas present!!) 

Thank you guys for letting me hang out with you on such a beautiful evening.  You two are great!! 

xoxo - Melissa

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Winners of the Wedding Day Bless-a-Way!!

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in this give-a-way!! It has been such blessing to see all the people rooting for their favorite couple!  I probably made the contest last a little too long so thanks for putting up with that...OOPS!  This was my first big giveaway and I am still learning the ropes!

So....without further adieu here are the results...and you might want to pay attention closely!! ;)

Because....the runner's up for the wedding day give away get 60% off my normal wedding package that INCLUDES an engagement shoot, full wedding day coverage, digital negatives, and two wedding photographers or 30% off an engagement shoot!!!  (Traveling fees apply for out of the area clients and I must be available for their date; please contact Melissa at for official info).  Congrats to the runners up: Carissa and Ryan Carter as well as; Meghan Cummings and Billy Holmes!!

And now to announce the first place winners of the Wedding Day Bless-a-Way..with over 1,000 VOTES!!!....Angie Dunn and Ronnie King!!!  Angie and Ronnie receive an engagement shoot, full day wedding coverage, two photographer's, and all final digital negatives from Taken by Grace and Glory Photography!!

 Below is Ronnie and Angie's story and I must say they sound like an amazing couple!!  Congrats you guys!! (Oh and a big thanks to Ashley Senka for entering ya'll into this give-a-way!!  Ashley receives 20% off any package!)

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years. We have truly gotten to know each other better than anyone on Earth. When we met we were both going through a difficult time in life. I am raising my three boys and he is raising his son. The boys are our life. We are looking forward to getting married very soon....

 Although we don't have a date set, we know it will be soon. We want to have a day that is special for all 6 of us and joins our two families as one. Raising four boys, ages 15, 12, 12, and 9 can be very difficult at times. My oldest son has survived a heart transplant, Hydrocephalus and Asperger's (a daily struggle). Now, one of our 12 year old sons is struggling with his own health issue. Walking with The Lord is the key to our relationship and our life. Having a beautiful wedding day with beautiful photos would be an absolutely amazing gift for all of us!